B.J Novak signs huge book deal


You might not yet recognize B.J. Novak’s name, but you soon will. Novak, head writer and actor in the hit TV-series, “The Office,” has been signed to a two book-deal by Knopf Publishers.

Reportedly, Novak received over 7 figures as an advance for a two book contract. The first book, which his agent compares to a young, “Woody Allen,” is a book of fiction. We remain skeptical about any sort of comparison to one of the greater comedians of all time, but Novak’s work has been consistently smart and intelligent.

Novak’s deal should remind you of another book deal with a young Jewish ingenue, mainly, Lena Dunham, who received a 3 million dollar advance for her upcoming memoir.

Even if he’s no Woody Allen, we are still excited to see what he can do.

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