Female IDF soldiers bare (almost) all


Teenage girls and drug-addicted celebrities apparently aren’t the only ones posting half naked ‘selfies’ on the Internet. Add machine gun-toting defenders of the Jewish state to the list.

A group of female Israeli soldiers were disciplined for taking the sexy Israeli soldier image a bit too far. Photographs of the soldiers posing in their underwear with guns, and with combat helmets (but little else) were uploaded to Facebook. No word yet on what punishment was meted out, but the entire military base is now reaping the rewards. Officials said the base conducted educational lectures in hopes of keeping soldiers from repeating the social media faux pas.

This isn’t the first time the Israeli military has been chastised for inappropriate Internet conduct. In 2010, a male soldier was filmed lewdly dancing around a blindfolded Palestinian woman. In February, a male Golani Brigade soldier was reprimanded for posting pictures on Instagram of himself mishandling weapons while in uniform.

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