Report card: The Gaza war


Here’s a summary of statistics from the war the Israel Defense Forces released on Tuesday:

Operation Protective Edge
3,356 rockets fired at Israel

2,303 hit Israel

356 intended at IDF forces operating in Gaza

116 of which hit populated areas (3.45%)

578 were intercepted by Iron Dome

475 landed within the Gaza Strip


Prior to the operation, the IDF estimated the Gaza rockets arsenal at approximately10,000 rockets. 1/3 of which were fired at Israel, and an additional 1/3 was demolished by the IDF.


Geographic Breakdown

69.4% fired from the northern Gaza Strip

12.9% fired from the central Gaza Strip

17.3% fired from the southern Gaza Strip


597 rockets were launched from civilian facilities abused by terrorists (18%)

Approx. 260 launched from educational facilities (schools)

Approx. 127 launched from cemeteries

  1.  160 launched from religious sites
  2.  50 launched from hospitals


4,762 terror sites struck across the Gaza Strip:

1,678 rockets launching capabilities

977 command and control centers

237 militant wing government faculties

191 weapon storage and manufacturing facilities

144 training and militant compounds

1,535 additional terror sites


Eliminating Mission – Gaza tunnel network

32 Terror tunnels neutralized

14 crossed into Israel

tunnels had shafts located 300-500 Meters from Israel


750- 1,000 militants targeted

At least 253 Hamas operatives

At least 147 Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives

At least 65 operatives of various organizations

At least 603 operatives whose affiliation is unknown


In addition, 159 suspected terrorists have been questioned by Israeli security forces, 25of which are currently imprisoned.


Israeli Casualties

3 civilians killed

64 IDF soldiers killed in combat

83 Israeli civilians wounded

463 IDF soldiers wounded


1,856 trucks of Humanitarian aid supplied to Gaza, carrying 40,550 tons

1,491 trucks with 37,178 tons of foods

220 trucks with 1,694 humanitarian supplies

106 trucks with 1,029 tons of medical supplies
82,201 IDF Reserve Duty Personnel

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