Ruth Bader Ginsburg likes how she’s portrayed on ‘SNL’


(JTA) — Ruth Bader Ginsburg is so thrilled with the way she is portrayed on “Saturday Night Live” that she might just start talking like Kate McKinnon.

The Jewish Supreme Court justice revealed on Sunday that she was happy with how the “SNL” star McKinnon portrays her on the late-night sketch comedy show. Ginsburg particularly enjoys her character’s catchphrase: “You just got Gins-burned.”

“I liked the actress who portrayed me, and I would like to say ‘Gins-burn’ sometimes to my colleagues,” Ginsburg said at an event at the Sundance Film Festival.

OK, she might not actually go around “Gins-burning” people in the Supreme Court Building, but lines like this have helped the 84-year-old jurist, nicknamed the “Notorious RBG” — a riff on the name of the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. — become a cultural icon. Memes of Ginsburg have gone viral, clothes featuring her face have proved popular and parents have dressed up their babies as her for Halloween.

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