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Stephen Miller isn’t apologizing for families being separated at the border

Stephen Miller isn’t apologizing for families being separated at the border

Two-thirds of Americans disagreed with the policy. Miller called it a "simple decision" to make.

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Michael Cohen cites ‘wrenching’ Trump child separation policy and Holocaust survivor parent in quitting RNC

Trump signs order ending family separation policy

Detention facilities or ‘concentration camps’? A debate on names invokes the Nazis.

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United States

Michael Bloomberg to spend $80 million to help Democrats in midterm elections

The Jewish media mogul and former New York City mayor seeks Democratic control of the House of Representatives.

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Life & Culture

Miami’s most Jewish neighborhood is home to an ‘aggresively’ un-kosher deli — and locals don’t know what to think

Some in the neighborhood resent Josh Marcus, who serves dishes like lobster Jewchachos and Jewban meat and cheese sandwiches.

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Intense Heat Wave Causes Fires in Israel; Fields in Galilee Suffer Great Damages

Turkish Football Groups Ordered Not to Play with Israeli Teams

Israel Torpedoes American Naval Ship by Mistake; Expresses Deep Regret

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Israel & Middle East

US leaves UN Human Rights Council over Israel bias

The Trump administration also cited the presence of human rights abusers on the body as a factor in the departure.

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From 70 Faces Media

3 Ways For Intersectional Feminism To Include Jewish Women

This Map Shows the Best Jewish Deli in Every State

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In Sweden, Jews and Muslims united around Israeli flags at a gay pride parade

Malmo, a city notorious for its anti-Semitism, has seen several small-scale interfaith efforts try to improve the situation.

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