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  • 5770 in Israel: Diplomatic crises, but economic prosperity

    In the year 5770, Israel’s international reputation suffered, peacemaking remained stalled and U.S.-Israel ties showed temporary strains, but the Israeli economy continued to prosper.

  • Israel’s latest diplomatic flap is with itself

    A labor dispute at the Israeli Foreign Ministry threatens to harm Israel’s delicate diplomatic relationships, scuttle overseas trips by the prime minister and bring Israel international embarrassment.

  • Article fuels speculation, debate over possible strike against Iran

    If the United States doesn’t attack Iran’s nuclear facilities within the next eight months or so, Israel probably will. So says journalist Jeffrey Goldberg in the September issue of The Atlantic magazine in an article that is fueling debate and speculation among many Middle East experts.

  • Is one-state solution an answer to Greater Israel dreams?

    In one of the more curious twists in Israeli politics, prominent figures on Israel’s right wing have begun pushing for a one-state solution with Israelis and Palestinians as equal citizens with full voting rights.

  • As Israel’s image sinks, whither Israeli PR?

    More than ever, Israel needs an efficient PR machine capable of undermining its would-be delegitimizers. Who is running Israel’s PR, and why have they not been more successful?

  • With school controversy, secular-haredi tensions reach boiling point

    Many secular Israelis see the latest standoff between the state and haredi Orthodox Israelis as a test of strength Israel cannot afford to lose.

  • Israel facing tough choices on Gaza as criticism of blockade mounts

    Israel insists its naval blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza is justified and will continue. But as international criticism mounts, Jerusalem is faced with tough questions about how effective the embargo has been and whether it should be modified.

  • Is Netanyahu alienating Israel’s friends in Europe?

    The perception in European capitals that Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t serious about peacemaking with the Palestinians is hurting Israel’s standing in the world and alienating Israel’s European friends.

  • Do indirect peace talks have a shot?

    As indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks get under way, the two sides appear to be jockeying ahead of a possible U.S.-led peace push this fall.

  • New corruption scandal dooms chances of Olmert comeback

    A new corruption scandal involving Ehud Olmert and his successor as Jerusalem mayor, Uri Lupolianski, raises the question of how corrupt are Israel’s municipal governments.