What if the Nazis Had Won World War II?


What if the Nazis won World War II?

This terrifying question has inspired books (such as Philip Dick’s The Man in the High Castle), movies, and even a recent photography exhibition.

By far the most thought-provoking response that’s crossed our desk is Neu-York, a map drawn by the artist Melissa Gould. It’s based on a map of 1939 Manhattan, but it imagines a New York that’s been taken over by German troops. Gone are the synagogues and streets named after Jews. Lincoln Center, which was then under construction, is also gone, though a boulevard named Richard Wagner Strasse runs close to its location.

You can purchase an original lithograph of the map–designed with period inks and typefaces–for $2,500. But the website version, with multiple close-ups and the artist’s commentary, is online, right now, for anyone to see.

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