The 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar is Here!


When Adam Cohen set out to create the first Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, he wanted to fill the pages with offbeat men instead of your typical hotties. Sure, 12 months of half-naked firemen and six-packs is nothing to shake a fist at—but a nebbishy boy with an earnest smile and a penchant for hugging puppies is a Jdate-able reality, and an exciting one at that.

This year’s calendar features Mark, who won our hearts with his tea pouring, Justin, who with his hiking backpack reminds us to dig out our Tevas and actually use them, and Jake, who we can only assume is shopping because he plans to cook a delicious dinner just for us. Anyway, what has a Chippendale in a fire hat and suspenders done for us lately? Well, maybe put out a fire in your house, but that’s only because Mark and Jake get neurotic around the stove.

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