Matzah Facial


Passover can be hell…on your complexion. Oily kugels, heavy brisket, endless sheets of matzah—these foods may seem like the enemies of flawless skin, but celebrity doctor Ava Shamban is here with her kosher-for-Passover facial recipes and she wants to change that.

Dr. Shamban is the dermatological expert from TV’s Extreme Makeover, and the author of Heal Your Skin. As you might imagine, she’s pretty dedicated to ensuring that her patients take good care of their skin, even during Passover, when, she confides, it can be hard to fit in any “me” time. Her new Passover-friendly skincare regimen lets you have your facial and eat it, too.

Dr. Shamban’s Oliv-ing in the Desert Scrub calls for matzah meal, olive oil, and grapefruit juice, and Have A Berry Happy Seder Mask involves blueberries, yogurt, and matzah meal. Why not skip dessert, and just serve the cleanser?

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