On the Road with Abraham: The Video Game


Call of AbrahamEvery Hebrew school kid fantasizes about teaming up with Abraham as he departs Haran, snaking south through Mesopotamia to Canaan, fighting off bandits along the way, right? Okay, maybe that’s just us.

Regardless, “Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham,” a new computer game still in the works, allows you to live that fantasy, even if you didn’t know it was your fantasy until just now. In the game, you play a former Elamite soldier hired onto Abraham’s caravan to scout new areas, defend the caravan, and barter for goods. Vast, open areas, subplots, explorable ancient cities, and hundreds of characters abound.

Phoenix Interactive Studios, the Christian company behind the game, is taking care to adhere to the text without being preachy. With an advisory board consisting of four pastors and ministry leaders, they aim to produce a game that is “accurate to the biblical record” without “presenting any messaging that is out of that context.”

Fans of revisionist history will enjoy the $500 investor perk, in which you can record a voiceover for a character in the game. What better way to study Bereshit than by living it?

Watch a teaser for the game:

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