Pop Goes the Haggadah!


The seder is an ancient ritual, but your haggadah doesn’t have to look and feel like a creaky old text. This year artist Melissa Berg brings us the Pop Haggadah, which features traditional haggadah text set in the midst of Berg’s very modern illustrations.

Sayonara, calligraphy; peace out, papercuts—this haggadah is full of vibrant designs and infographics that provide their own commentary on the text. Slavery is figured as a bar code and a cityscape. The afikoman appears on a “Most Wanted” sign. Skateboards, kites, birds, cupcakes, and airplanes can all be spotted in this new and creative take on the old-school text. There’s almost no written commentary in this book. Instead, the interpretation comes via the artwork, which makes it perfect for new readers, non-readers, and veteran seder-goers alike.

Who ever said that haggadot and coffee-table books belong in separate bookstore sections? Not us, anymore!

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