Jewniverse Top 10 of 2015!


We like to think that every post we publish will rock some reader’s world, tickling their hidden penchants for Jews on tropical islands, sex advice for 1930s Jewish girls, surprising chapters in Jewish epidemiology, and Holocaust-themed Passover haggadahs. But when we did a survey of our most popular posts of 2015, we found that certain posts seemed to rock everybody’s world. Some of these we thought would be a hit, and some really took us by surprise.

So without further ado, we present to you, in reverse order, Jewniverse readers’ 10 favorite posts of 2015, as well as one post we still think is amazing, even if the masses haven’t yet seen the appeal.


A New Film About an Endangered Species: The Jewish Deli

A New Film About An Endangered Species: The Jewish Deli,” by Avishay Artsy

9. The 6 Genders of the Talmud

The 6 Genders of the Talmud,” by Leah Falk


Meet Victoria Hanna, The Jewish Hip-Hop Artist Who’ll Blow Your Mind,” by Avishay Artsy


“‘There’s Pot in the Latkes’ Music Video Goes Viral,” by Leah Falk



Why the Original Dodge Logo Was a Jewish Star,” by Avishay Artsy


sacred sperm - 3

Sex, Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Style,” by Abby Sher


The Israeli Sisters Whose Music Video is Sweeping Across the Arab World,” by Avishay Artsy


Little White Lie

Little White Lie,” by Jenny Levison


The Strange and Surprising History of the Maxwell House Haggadah

The Strange and Surprising History of the Maxwell House Haggadah,” by Leah Falk


Singing Yiddish Road Songs With Syrian Refugees,” by Lisa Goldman


-1. Finally, our underappreciated favorite: the great unknown tale of revolutionary probiotics thriving on NYC’s harsh capitalist streets:

Trotsky's Yogurt is Alive and Well in NYC, And You Can Eat It

Trotsky’s Yogurt is Alive and Well in NYC, And You Can Eat It,” by Zachary Solomon

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