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  • Portuguese Leader Visits Israel

    The President of Portugal addressed a special session of the Knesset last week, the start of his four-day official visit to Israel. In his remarks Nov. 1, President Mario Soares praised Israeli and Palestinian leaders for their courage and vision to bring peace. Soares also asked for forgiveness from the Jewish people for Portugal’s involvement… More ▸

  • Crypto-jews May Transform Portuguese Jewish Community

    At first glance, it appears that the future of the Portuguese Jewish community is bleak. Of the few hundred people who were born Jewish and live in Portugal, most are in the capital city of Lisbon. But they are in a country whose Jewish presence, which was strong at times, goes back to at least… More ▸

  • Portugal Honors Ex-consul Who Saved Jews During War

    The man who served as Portugal’s consul in France during World War II has been posthumously honored for illegally issuing 30,000 visas, mostly to Jews facing Nazi persecution. Dr. Aristide de Sousa Mendes do Amoral e Abranches, also known as the “Portuguese Raoul Wallenberg,” received Protugal’s most distinguished non- military honor — membership in the… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Portugal’s Assumption of E.c. Chair May Mean Better Treatment for Arabs

    The Arab-Israeli peace talks under way in Washington coincide with Portugal’s ascension to the rotating chairmanship of the European Community’s Council of Ministers, an office it will hold through June 30. Not coincidentally, Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy flew Sunday to Lisbon for a two-day visit. The Egyptian foreign minister, Amr Moussa, was there last… More ▸

  • Levy off to Portugal, then China, Amid Diplomatic Hints from India

    Foreign Minister David Levy is at the center of new diplomatic activity this week. He flew to Lisbon on Sunday for a two-day official visit to Portugal, which assumed the rotating chairmanship of the European Community’s Council of Ministers on Jan. 1. His next stop may be China. Word just came from Beijing confirming its… More ▸

  • Arens Visits Portugal and Spain, May Return with Diplomatic Prize

    Foreign Minister Moshe Arens began a six-day official visit to Spain on Friday, following the first visit ever by an Israeli foreign minister to Spain’s Iberian neighbor, Portugal. But his otherwise routine sojourn in Lisbon was capped by a development reported in a somewhat mysterious and tantalizing addendum to the official account of what transpired…. More ▸

  • Portugal to Upgrade Ties with Israel

    Portugal will soon upgrade its diplomatic representation in Israel. President Mario Soares of Portugal told Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres here Sunday that his country has decided to appoint a resident ambassador to Israel and will do so “in a matter of months.” Portugal presently has a non-resident ambassador accredited to Israel. Israel maintains a… More ▸

  • Brazil Protests to Iran for Distributing Portuguese ‘protocols’

    Brazil has protested to Iran for publishing and distributing a Portuguese translation of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The Iranian charge d’affaires in Brasilia, Mouhmud Entiaz, was called to the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, where he was harshly admonished. He was told that the “Protocols” are a racist and anti-Semitic falsification forbidden by law… More ▸