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Should New York City remove statues of its anti-Semitic Dutch governor?

Should New York City remove statues of its anti-Semitic Dutch governor?

Peter Stuyvesant was a virulent anti-Semite. Now activists want his memorials taken down.

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United States

Billy Joel

Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David during concert encore

Joel and singer Patty Smyth also sang her hit song "Goodbye to You" as photos of fired White House staffers flashed on a screen.

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Life & Culture

First Person

First Person

The eclipse was exhilarating. Life-changing? Not so much.

A brief but brilliant distraction from a rush of dispiriting current events.

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Jewish Esperantists Form Separate Union

Concern over Neo-Nazism in West Germany Reaches the White House

Solar eclipse ‘field day’ for testing Einstein theories

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Why some Jews are paying $500 for an Italian etrog

A frost in the Calabria region, which some believe produces the best world's best etrogs, wiped out 90 percent of this year's yield, hiking prices and creating supply challenges.

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From 70 Faces Media

The Talmud Says Eclipses Are a Bad Omen. Sorry.

What it means to be Jewish in Trump country

Spiced Lamb and Hummus Stuffed Arepas Recipe

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Israel & Middle East

Aryeh Deri

Leading Israeli lawmaker derides a modern Orthodox movement as ‘borderline Reform’

Aryeh Deri of Shas also blasted a rabbinical group that has sought to make the Chief Rabbinate more user friendly.

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