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Our president just asked us to be fair to white supremacists


Our president just asked us to be fair to white supremacists

Anyone looking for moral clarity didn't get it from the White House.

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First Person

First Person

I am a rabbi, and my place was in Charlottesville

Trump again condemns ‘both sides,’ including ‘alt-left,’ for Charlottesville violence

Welcoming refugees to America by teaching them to make avocado toast

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United States

Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, forced offline by Google, heads to the dark web

Users may now have to download software to access the notorious anti-Semitic site.

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Life & Culture

Mayim Bialik calls out March for Racial Justice over Yom Kippur date

The Jewish actress complained that the timing of the march against white supremacy excludes Jews.

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From the JTA Archives

Orthodox Students Threaten Suit Against Yale for Its Housing Policy

2 New Yiddish Dailies to Appear in Paris

First Taxicab Appears in Streets of Jerusalem

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Swiss hotelier sorry for signs telling Jews to shower before entering pool

The manager also said the hotel had received complaints about Jewish guests, "so we need to be responsible for all our guests and find a balance.”

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From 70 Faces Media

Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Parlor Bankrolled Her Anarchism

I Thought This Cartoon Would Be Cute—But It Was Anti-Semitic

Stop What You’re Doing and Make a Knish Sandwich

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Israel & Middle East

Sheldon Adelson disavows campaign tarring H.R. McMaster as anti-Israel

The billionaire pro-Israel philanthropist had no role in the Zionist Organization of America's campaign and has no qualms with the national security adviser, his representative said.

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