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Jewish Ohio Senate candidate condemns ADL, backs figures on ‘alt-lite’ list

Jewish Ohio Senate candidate condemns ADL, backs figures on ‘alt-lite’ list

Josh Mandel said he "stands with" a blogger and a reporter peddling the false "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory.

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United States

Thomas Lopez-Pierre

City Council candidate ‘cares about’ Jews, compares them to Germans who enabled the Nazis

The "greedy Jewish landlords" candidate is back, this time with a new slogan but the same old stereotypes.

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Israel & Middle East

Israel’s government opposes adoption by same-sex couples, so gay celebrities are speaking out

Israel’s LGBT community and its allies have launched a campaign against the government’s declared position.

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From the JTA Archives

Candy Workers Strike; Want Pay Checks Sweetened


Porno Pix on Highways Cause Accidents

Government of Holland Approves Plan to Settle 30,000 Homeless Jews in Surinam

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Uganda’s Jews are down to one meal a day because of East Africa’s famine

Jewish groups have had trouble fundraising for famine relief.

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From 70 Faces Media

Natalie Portman’s New Film Arrives in August (But She Won’t Be Playing RBG)

How to Make Rainbow Falafel

This Jewish Immigrant Olympian Worked in a Chocolate Factory Before Winning Gold

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Life & Culture

A new play tells the story of mikvah-peeping rabbi Barry Freundel

A.J. Campbell's "Constructive Fictions" imagines Freundel in a solitary jail cell interacting with apparitions of his female victims.

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