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‘Rebuilding’ efforts overshadow Jewish issues in DNC election

‘Rebuilding’ efforts overshadow Jewish issues in DNC election

Even top Jewish activists agree the Democratic Party should focus on electing folks to school boards and reaching out to rural voters.

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United States

Near San Francisco, Karaite Jews keep an ancient movement alive

B’nai Israel is the only Karaite synagogue in North America, serving a community that diverged from the rabbinic "mainstream" as far back as the eighth century C.E.

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Israel & Middle East

Australia reaffirms ties to Israel as Netanyahu wraps up historic visit

The island nation backed "Israel’s right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people" and supported the two-state solution.

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From the JTA Archives

Catholics, Jews Agree to Remove Carmelite Convent off Auschwitz

German Jews Urged to Describe Themselves As ‘Germans’ on U.S. Records

Buchanan’s Strong Showing at Polls Causes Concern in Jewish Community

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McGill University

McGill student council fails to impeach member who urged followers to ‘punch a Zionist’

Pro-Israel students have said they feel hostility and isolated on their Montreal campus, while petitions to expel Sadikov have been launched online.

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From 70 Faces Media

Nazi Doctor Mengele’s Bones Are Now Used By Forensics Students

Why I Forced My Kids to Watch ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Top 5 Places to Get Lox In NYC

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Life & Culture


Looking for a Jewish college roommate? BBYO has an app for that.

The free application, which asks incoming freshmen questions about their Jewish identity, was launched at the teen group's huge annual convention.

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