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St. Louis man accused of 8 bomb threats passes on bail request

St. Louis man accused of 8 bomb threats passes on bail request

Juan Thompson, 31, facing cyberstalking charges for his alleged threats against JCCs and other Jewish institutions, made his first appearance in a New York federal court.

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Reconstructionist rabbis affirm full inclusion of transgender, gender-fluid Jews

The resolution commits the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association to work for “full inclusion, acceptance, appreciation, celebration and welcome of people of all gender identities in Jewish life and in society at large.”

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These Israeli teens oppose the occupation. But should that get them out of the army?

Israel's generous but subjective policy freed one teenager and sent another back to jail.

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First Phase of German-Jewish Compensation Talks Nears Completion

Boy Scout Leaders Appeal for More Jewish Members Throughout Country

Jew Cannot Adopt Catholic Child, Court Rules

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Why these 5 European Jews are promoting far-right parties

Jewish supporters of the rising force of European politics believe that nationalism is the best defense against jihad.

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A celebrity photographer trains his lens on Holocaust survivors

Harry Borden, England's go-to celebrity photographer, changes course with his new book, "Survivor: A Portrait of the Survivors of the Holocaust."

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