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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Philanthropist Tad Taube wants Polish Jewry remembered for life, not death

    Tad Taube has devoted much of his fortune to reviving Jewish life in Poland, including millions for the recently opened Museum of the History of Polish Jews. JTA’s Ben Harris reports.

  • Report: Brooklyn College did not engage in religious discrimination

    Brooklyn College did not engage in religious discrimination in its handling of an event critical of Israel, a report concluded.

  • N.Y. woman admits stealing $1 million from Jewish cemetery

    A Brooklyn woman pleaded guilty to charges that she stole $1 million from a Jewish cemetery on Staten Island.

  • Can Michael Broyde recover?

    That’s the question that came up in the editing of my story today about the Michael Broyde scandal. It’s too soon to know whether the man looked to as a respected religious court judge and an expert on Jewish ethics can recover either mantle after the revelation of his own unethical behavior.  But at least…

  • Deception deals blow to reputation of prominent Orthodox rabbi, Michael Broyde

    The revelation that Rabbi Michael Broyde, a prominent Jewish legal scholar, rabbi and professor at Emory University, systematically used a fake identity has raised questions about his academic and rabbinic future.

  • Rabbi Michael Broyde booted from religious court after using fake identity

    Rabbi Michael Broyde, a prominent Orthodox rabbi who admitted to creating a fake alternate identity, was suspended from the Beth Din of America.

  • Kosher meat scandal hits L.A.

    An undercover video captured the owner of a Los Angeles kosher meat market bringing unsealed boxes of chicken into his store, leading to the revocation of the store’s kosher certification.

  • Hacker in huge Web attack makes anti-Jewish statements

    A man claiming to represent the hackers behind one of the biggest attacks in Internet history made anti-Jewish statements.

  • Rami Feinstein to tour in United States in April

    Israeli singer Rami Feinstein singing in a the music video for his song “Something Amazing,” about his mall-working experience. (YouTube) Last month, JTA published an article about Israeli kiosk workers at American shopping malls. The article, which noted that the U.S. Embassy in Israel is trying to crack down on the practice, implied that Rami…

  • Falling to peaces

    In the run-up to President Obama’s trip to Israel next week — the least-anticipated Israel trip by an American president that Thomas Friedman can remember (!) — there’s been much hand-wringing (again) over whether we are witnessing the death throes of Israeli-Palestinian peace. This is a perennial exercise, its last iteration appearing as recently as…