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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • This Week in Jewish Farming: The journeyman’s journey

    The growing number of educational programs for beginning farmers signals a real problem for the organic movement: Lots of people want to farm, but they just don’t know how.

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: Springtime for farmers

    It’s not easy entrusting your livelihood to nature at a time when the climate is changing.

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: Crying over onions

    With other crops, you get a few chances to get them right. If one planting of lettuce fails, there’s another one two weeks later. But onions are a one-time deal.

  • This Week in Jewish Farming: Planting new seeds

    In a new weekly feature, former JTA associate editor Ben Harris chronicles his transition from New York journalist to Connecticut farmer.

  • The truth about SodaStream’s West Bank factory

    JTA’s Ben Sales visited the plant last year and found hundreds of content employees.

  • RIP, Pete Seeger

    Pete Seeger, a man for whom the modifier “legendary” seems hopelessly inadequate, had many Jewish associations in a career that spanned seven decades.

  • The women of Chabad

    The annual conference of Chabad women emissaries is about half the size of the men’s version, but that’s hardly the only difference.

  • Harper just can’t stop singing

    The Canadian PM did all the usual Israel stuff — visited Yad Vashem and the Western Wall, picked up an honorary degree, and performed a cover of a classic Beatles’ song.

  • Harper rocked out for Israel

    Stephen Harper is well-known for his staunch support of Israel. He’s less well-known for performing Beatles’ covers.

  • JTA to merge with MyJewishLearning

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency and MyJewishLearning announced their intention to merge.