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  • Getting gelt was good as gold

    What can a buck get you on Hanukkah? Maybe a gold mesh bag of chocolate coins or a lighter for your menorah. But Jewish continuity? Columnist Edmon J. Rodman explains.

  • At Thanksgiving time, making a leap to feed the needy

    Arnold Abbott, 90, is stirring the pot in South Florida about hunger and homelessness in America, telling a newspaper, “in Judaism, they say that if you save one person, you save the world.”

  • Shabbat on Halloween: Horror of horrors or wonder of wonders?

    Yes, Halloween has murky pagan origins. But its multibillion-dollar costume, decoration and candy industry has morphed so far beyond that, columnist Edmon J. Rodman decides to wade in.

  • Is lunar eclipse at Sukkot an ominous sign?

    A Jewishly observant space expert provides the lowdown on the “blood moon” rising at holiday time.

  • At Yom Kippur, dreaming of a white yontif

    Columnist Edmon J. Rodman on his bid to fit in at his L.A. shul — and not to stand out on a day when God takes note of us.

  • Beyond the synagogue, a shofar’s call makes connections

    Columnist Edmon J. Rodman sees firsthand the impact of his wife’s shofar blowing on a road trip around L.A.

  • Tisha b’Av in a time of rockets, tunnels and death

    Connecting with a holiday mourning lost Temples can be a challenge, but Tisha b’Av has special resonance this year, JTA’s Edmon Rodman writes.

  • Kabbalat Kaboom: Celebrating the Fourth on a Friday

    A Carlebach-Cohan mashup, fireworks from a shul hilltop and a musical service honoring independence integrate the U.S. holiday and Jewish day of rest.

  • At Shavuot, celebrating the giving of the law — and the mother-in-law?

    In the Ten Commandments, the Torah tells us to “Honor your father and your mother,” but on mothers-in-law, it’s mum. That is until we read the Book of Ruth,

  • An SOS from my OS seder

    With the hit film “Her” in mind, columnist Edmon J. Rodman introduces a a cool digital maven to run his yearly Haggadah-fest.