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  • U.S. eyes Syrian, Palestinian tracks

    Despite the latest clash between Israel and the Obama administration over building — this time in eastern Jerusalem — the United States is pressing ahead with plans to reopen negotiations on both the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Syrian tracks.

  • Trading a settlement freeze for action on Iran, Arab ties

    Israel is moving closer to trading a West Bank settlement freeze for U.S. action on Iran and normalization of ties with Arab states. So far, however, the Arabs don’t seem to want to play ball.

  • Lieberman being sidelined as foreign minister

    If Avigdor Lieberman’s appointment as foreign minister seemed odd when it was made, recent developments cast more doubt over his capacity to function as Israel’s top diplomat.

  • Bibi’s inner circle

    After a few weeks in office, Benjamin Netanyahu has assembled an inner circle that offers some hints about the direction in which the prime minister plans to take the country.

  • Iran turmoil likely to benefit Israel

    The unrest in Iran may benefit Israel in the long run by unmasking the face of a brutal regime — or replacing it with a more moderate one. But one possible outcome bodes ill for the Jewish state.

  • Will Bibi’s speech be enough for Palestinians, Americans?

    Will Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to the idea of a Palestinian state — with caveats — be enough to kick-start a genuine negotiating process with the Palestinians?

  • Radicals suffer setback in Lebanon, but remain powerful force

    The narrow victory by Lebanon’s pro-Western alliance was welcome news in Israel, but Hezbollah’s stranglehold on Lebanese politics is unlikely to dissipate.

  • With support for Abbas, is Obama betting on wrong horse?

    With its eye toward Mideast peacemaking, Washington is redoubling efforts to strengthen the Palestinian Authority president. But is President Obama betting on the wrong horse?

  • Is Hamas reassessing its strategy?

    While smuggling in new weapons to replenish stocks depleted or destroyed from the winter’s fighting, Hamas has quieted its attacks on Israel from Gaza. But it has other reasons for generally keeping the peace.

  • U.S. statement on nukes pact stirs concerns in Israel

    Given the delicate state of relations between the new administrations in Washington and Jerusalem, an American statement last week about the need for Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty touched a raw nerve.