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is JTA's senior writer and former managing editor. Follow him on Twitter at @urielheilman.


  • Metzitzah b’peh compromise near, baby’s reaction is priceless

    In a startling photo, an eight-day-old infant offers his take on metzitzah b’peh. But is it about the new de Blasio regulations, or the controversial penis-sucking rite?

  • For embattled French Jews, mixed feelings about call to move to Israel

    The crux of the dispute: Does Diaspora Jewish life have a future?

  • French Jews feel ‘huge amount of fear’

    The two sieges that transfixed France and much of the world on Friday epitomize the problem Islamic radicalism poses in the heart of Europe: It’s a danger to civilized society generally, but especially to Jews.

  • Pomegranate juice a vehicle for Hasidic help and healing

    A two-week operation to squeeze 40,000 pounds of pomegranates is a small part of the work of a Skverer organization devoted to helping sick Jews.

  • Amid $6M deficit, Detroit-area JCC may close

    With the extent of the community center’s financial problems now clear, the local federation is recommending that the 59-year-old institution shut its doors.

  • JTA’s top 10 stories of the year

    Re-read (or read for the first time) JTA’s top 10 most-read stories of 2014.

  • USY and the interdating ban reexamined

    JTA’s story on the easing of USY’s interdating ban generated a firestorm. But if the Conservative movement is looking for a cause for concern, there’s something else it should be worried about.

  • O.U. boosting effort to bring gov’t funding into Jewish schools

    “The real solution to the tuition crisis lies in using our political power and our advocacy efforts to increase state and local government funding for yeshivot and day schools,” O.U. leader Allen Fagin said.

  • A Foxman’s bashert and a chance subway meeting

    In The New York Times’ Vows column, the ADL’s Abraham Foxman kvells about the recent wedding of his son, Ariel, to a Cuban-American man who converted to Judaism.

  • A kosher surprise at San Diego’s Grand Del Mar

    A simple gesture at breakfast underscored the quality of the service at this Mediterranean-style resort hotel in San Diego.