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  • Reform Judaism tries for a ‘reboot’ in face of daunting challenges

    What do you get when you bring together 5,000 of the Reform movement’s faithful for a conference in sunny San Diego in mid-December?

  • Tweeting the Reform biennial

    JTA’s Uriel Heilman is covering the biennial convention of the Union for Reform Judaism on Twitter.

  • Reform biennial opening to outsiders in bid to revitalize movement

    For the first time, the Reform movement’s conference — which will be held next week in San Diego — will be open to participants who are not members of Reform congregations.

  • Remembering Rabbanit Bracha Kapach, lifeline to Jerusalem’s poor

    From her humble beginnings as a 14-year-old mother, Yemenite immigrant and cleaning lady, Jerusalem’s Rabbanit Bracha Kapach — who died Tuesday at 90 — rose to win the Israel Prize.

  • Schechter schools considering embracing patrilineal descent

    With Schechter schools in serious decline, the network’s board just took a vote that could dramatically alter the way Conservative day schools approach the question of who is a Jew.

  • Reform’s Rick Jacobs hails new openness in Israel to religious pluralism

    Reform leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs is hailing Naftali Bennett, Israel’s modern Orthodox religious services minister, as a breath of fresh air even as Bennett draws some red lines on religious pluralism in Israel.

  • NYT concedes error on Palestinian photo

    New York Times editors conceded they were wrong to use a sympathetic photograph of a Palestinian mother to illustrate a story about her son’s stabbing to death of an Israeli soldier.

  • On Israeli religious reforms, Naftali Bennett still figuring out road map

    Though Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of religious services, has blazed a quick path on some religious reforms, don’t expect him to rush into some of the areas considered most crucial to American Jewish pluralism advocates: civil marriage and non-Orthodox conversion.

  • Five places the Jews should ski this year

    Need kosher food on the slopes? Something for the kids or non-skiers in your family? JTA runs down the five best spots in America for Jews to test the powder this year.

  • Conservative synagogues wrestle with non-Jews in the pews

    The question of how Conservative synagogues treat non-Jews cuts to the heart of a philosophical and practical debate within a movement struggling over its middle-of-the-road identity.