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  • Watch two Palestinan kids ride a giant snake

    Being a kid is fun. Even if you grow up in areas that are slightly on the more dangerous side, like the city of Ramallah, you can still have a good time. A Palestinian brother and sister seen in this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday spend their free time riding a giant python snake, albeit… More ▸

  • Watch Wiley the dog crying over Grandma Gladys’ grave (VIDEO)

    This could be the most heartbreaking YouTube video ever. The video shows a service dog named Wiley crying over the grave of Gladys, a Jewish grandma. It was posted April 14, and went viral early Thursday. According to the user sarahvarley13, the dog is Wiley, a service wolf who is “used to help veterans returning… More ▸

  • Israeli celebrities get religious makeovers

    Breaking news: Bar Rafaeli to star in a long-awaited sequel of “A Stranger Among Us.” Okay, that’s a total lie, but a photo of the Israeli model that’s gone viral in Israel might make you believe otherwise. The image, which shows Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex decked out in super modest clothing (sheitel included), is just one… More ▸

  • Neil Diamond’s sweet gesture to the city of Boston

    The people of Boston  want to forget everything about last week. The week began with the tragic terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, taking the lives of three people, and ended with the capturing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the bombing suspects on a suburb street during lockdown. But the people of Boston, especially those… More ▸

  • Watch the new Maccabee Beer ad featuring the ‘Old Spice’ guy

    Israeli beer connoisseurs know that there are two major Israeli beers – Goldstar and Maccabbee. Although local craft beers have been emerging, many bars just offer Goldstar, the affordable delicious lager. However, Goldstar’s little brother Maccabee has quite the reputation of being, um, not as good. Until today. The Maccabee Beer honchos (who also produce Goldstar,… More ▸

  • Jewish kid urges Kate Upton to go to prom with him, she agrees

    “I’m Jewish, five-foot-nine on a very good day, and I can’t dance, at all. You’re Christian, five-foot-ten, and that Cat Daddy video, should have won an Oscar for best short film.” That’s the way 17-year-old Jake Davidson chooses to pitch his prom proposal to supermodel Kate Upton in a viral YouTube video that has reached… More ▸