2 Iranians with fake Israeli passports nabbed in Kenya


(JTA) — Kenyan authorities arrested two Iranians in Nairobi who tried to reach Israel using fake Israeli passports.

The men, both in their early 20s, were arrested several days ago, Yediot Acharanot reported Friday.

The passports were forgeries based on stolen Israeli passports. The news site revealed only the first names of the Israeli identities, Adi and Avshalom.

The two Iranians were scheduled to board a Brussels Airlines flight to the Belgian capital and fly from there to Ben Gurion Airport, according to the report.

An Israeli official told the daily that Israeli passports were relatively easy to forge because many Israelis have not yet switched to biometric passports, which store on chips unique information including facial recognition and fingerprints.

It is not yet known what the Iranians in custody were planning to do in Israel, Yediot reported.

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