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Jerusalem hostel blacklists Jon Stewart and other alleged ‘haters of Israel’

Jerusalem hostel blacklists Jon Stewart and other alleged ‘haters of Israel’

The list also includes Bernie Sanders, former Obama administration envoy Dan Shapiro and actress Bette Midler.

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Editor's Column

Editor's Column

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Israelis caught dancing naked at former death camp

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United States

Journalist Peter Beinart detained and questioned at Israeli airport

Israel's prime minister called the interrogation — the latest of progressive American Jewish activists — an "administrative mistake."

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Life & Culture

Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figures will ship this fall

The company producing the figure has raised over $613,000 on Kickstarter, vastly exceeding its $15,000 goal.

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From Garlic to Roses to Clothes, Fear Expressed About Competition if Israel Given Free Trade Status

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Israel & Middle East

Support for two-state solution drops to historic low

Trust between the two sides seems to have broken down almost completely.

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Mila Kunis Shares How Her Family Does Shabbat

The Best Gluten-Free Challah Recipes

My Jewish Sorority Is Oddly Not Very Jewish

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Jeremy Corbyn

Paper claims photos show Jeremy Corbyn honoring Munich massacre terrorists

In May, Corbyn denied allegation that he had attended a commemoration for Black September terrorists in Tunisia.

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