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Jewish brothers who survived the Florida school shooting learn what they mean to each other

Jewish brothers who survived the Florida school shooting learn what they mean to each other

Matthew Zeif recalls the teacher, Scott Beigel, who lost his life saving Matthew and his classmates.

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Aunt of Jewish Florida school shooting victim pleads for an end to ‘the sickness that has gripped our country’

The Jewish sheriff leading the response to the Florida school shooting quotes the Talmud

Florida school shooting’s Jewish victims remembered for their kindness

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Mom of Jewish girl killed in Florida shooting begs Trump: ‘Please do something’

Lori Alhadeff yelled at the camera in an emotional CNN interview.

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Life & Culture

DC Comics’ newest writer is poised to make Superman Jewish again

"I'm a little Jewish boy from Cleveland and my connection to Superman is very, very deep, genetically," said Brian Michael Bendis.

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Swiss Government Rejects Refugee’s Restitution Claim

Transport of Jewish Children from Poland Leaves for Paris; Raised in Monasteries

Jewish Community Alarmed Accusations Spreading That Jews Plotting to Take over Argentina

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Israel & Middle East

5 times Israeli politicians said ‘there’s nothing to it’ and ended up in jail

Benjamin Netanyahu says the police case against him is "full of holes." Other leaders who have claimed their innocence in similar fashion have served time.

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The myth of the nice Jewish boy

Naming My Jewish-Mexican-Catholic Daughter

A New Generation of Jewish Deli is Taking Over Chicago

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For some Balkan Muslims, a Jewish false messiah inspires interfaith understanding

Centuries after he died as a Muslim convert in Montenegro, Sabbatai Zevi remains part of the region's folklore, secretive customs and superstitions.

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