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Here’s why we report on the Jewish victims of general tragedies

Editor's Column

Here’s why we report on the Jewish victims of general tragedies

Yes, JTA can be parochial. But obligations to a wider world often begin within a narrow circle of caring.

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Teacher Scott Beigel did not want to be remembered as a hero

Sarah Silverman wades into Israel-Palestinian conflict, and tiptoes back out

Jewish brothers who survived the Florida school shooting learn what they mean to each other

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United States

Nikolas Cruz

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz made anti-Semitic, racists comments in private chat group

Cruz said he was glad he never met his biological mother because she was a Jew.

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Life & Culture

Aly Raisman to BBYO: Be kind, speak out, stand up for survivors

"Being Jewish is all about being a good person," Aly Raisman told BBYO.

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From the JTA Archives

Swiss Government Rejects Refugee’s Restitution Claim

Transport of Jewish Children from Poland Leaves for Paris; Raised in Monasteries

Jewish Community Alarmed Accusations Spreading That Jews Plotting to Take over Argentina

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Israel & Middle East

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt cancels Israel trip over criticism of first-class travel

Confrontations with members of the public caused Pruitt to switch to flying first or business class whenever possible, at the recommendation of the head of his security.

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From 70 Faces Media

The myth of the nice Jewish boy

Naming My Jewish-Mexican-Catholic Daughter

A New Generation of Jewish Deli is Taking Over Chicago

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For some Balkan Muslims, a Jewish false messiah inspires interfaith understanding

Centuries after he died as a Muslim convert in Montenegro, Sabbatai Zevi remains part of the region's folklore, secretive customs and superstitions.

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