The Aussie Folk Guitarist Who Combines Dylan With Carlebach


Moshe Hendel Feiglin
, the lead singer and guitarist of the Australian folk band Feter Hendel, had an old Shlomo Carlebach song, a nigun, that was stuck in his head. He’d heard it once on an old bootleg tape, and he could never find a copy of it again.

Moshe dug deeper. He found out that not only was it super-rarehe could never find another copybut that Carlebach himself never recorded the song. It only existed in Moshe’s imagination.

That song, “City of Davida gospel-style hymn with a jubilant chorus, “O my Lord is coming back/to the City of David”took form and became the first single, and music video, on Feter Hendel’s new album, Fire Bright. They added trumpet, a New Orleans rhythm, and a sample of Carlebach’s voice, and made it a completely new song.

“City” is only one of the treasures on Fire Bright. The title song is a soaring campfire song with a spooky Leonard Cohen-like melody and gently crashing drums. “Call Out” climaxes in a wordless river of singalong ai-yai-yais. Every song is urgent, and each one calls to us. It’s a call you’ll be only too glad to answer.


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