Buy a Jacket, Remember 6 Million Jews


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Depending on your taste in humor and your philosophy on Holocaust education, you will either love this or be severely nauseated by it.

Nathan Fielder, Canadian Jewish comedian and star of the cringe-comedy show Nathan for You, recently made a horrifying discovery about one of his favorite brands: Taiga, a Vancouver jacket clothing, were supporters of Doug Collins, a known Holocaust denier. Understandably, this didn’t sit right with Fielder.

What Fielder did is either delightful or awful—your call. Since Taiga’s jackets were no longer feasible for Fielder, he decided to start his own brand—Summit Ice—the products of which would not only keep you warm, but explicitly educate you about the Holocaust.

Indeed, on the company’s website, right next to a section on the jacket’s “Softshell Technology”, is a section on the Holocaust. The page features a paltry bullet-pointed list of poorly-written ‘facts’, concluding with a link to the Wikipedia entry for the Holocaust. The project is a master-class in tongue-in-cheek satire; it’s also sort of uncomfortable.

In the end, the only thing keeping this from being utterly offensive is this: so far sales of Summit Ice jackets have exceeded $45,000—all of the proceeds are being donated directly to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

Again: your call.


Buy a Jacket, Remember 6 Million Jews

(Top photo: Summit Ice. Bottom photo: Comedy Central)

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