The Colorado Foodie Who’s Putting the Smoke in Smoked Salmon


The wise child, the wicked child, the simple child, and the child too stoned to ask?

Yes, this Passover, you may hear a lot more giggling around the seder, especially if you’re inviting celebrated chef Josh Pollack to the table. Pollack has garnered a lot of praise for bringing authentic New York bagels to Denver, Colorado. And as this video from testifies, he is also perfecting the art of marijuana-infused salmon:

“Edibles” – foods soaked or cured in a cannabis marinade – are a new foodie favorite, especially in Colorado, where pot was legalized in 2012. Pollack’s edibles are being hailed as exceptional because he’s tinkered around with the dill-to-weed ratio determinedly and come up with lox and matzoh balls (that is, pot-zah balls) that are delicious and mellowing, without leaving the eater feeling too loopy. He even led a workshop about what he’s doing at the 2015 Jewish food conference The Harvest.

Pollack started smoking as a teen recreationally, but became more impassioned about marijuana legalization when his mother was dying and found comfort in its palliative effects. Pollack’s thriving business – Rosenberg’s Bagels – is named after her. He believes that marijuana is a natural, sustainable herb that reflects a lot of Jewish cultural values. Not to mention, he spoke with some rabbis recently about cannabis being “inherently kosher,” which leaves him giddy with new ideas.

Next year in Denver!

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