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  • Israeli backpack campaign features bomb squad pranking (VIDEO)

    This Israeli online campaign for the New York backpack brand “Yak Pak” is pretty creative yet  controversial, since it touches a raw Israeli nerve – terrorism. The video, which went viral earlier this month, features a bunch of teenagers who place cans of graffiti paint in a backpack and then leave it unattended at a bus station…. More ▸

  • The best of the ‘Good Guy Rabbi’ meme

    The internet world has created many anonymous stars, people whose names we don’t know but whose faces are now easy to recognize. We’re talking about captioned memes — mostly made famous by LOLcats, the cute photos of cats with on-purpose typos are the flag bearers of the phenomenon. But the internet has evolved from kittens to everyday humans to… rabbis. And a good guy rabbi at that — so tolerant, liberal and nice. Not like those tens of thousands of haredim rallying at New York’s Citi Field against the internet.
    (Update: apparently the person in the picture is Yisrael Campbell, a comedian who converted to Judaism.)
    So what can we say about “Good Guy Rabbi”?
    1. He keeps the holiday season cheerful for everyone More ▸

  • Happy Shimon Peres is happy!

    Shimon Peres posted a photo to his Instagram from the Israeli Presidential Conference, which comcluded today. His noticeable (and adorable, IMO) smile reminded me of a smiling cat meme, so I decided to merge the two:     More ▸

  • BBC’s ‘Episodes’ has the ultimate Hebrew mistranslation

    This photo is a screenshot of the British show “Episodes,” from an episode that aired a few weeks ago in the UK. Most people would assume that the engraved Hebrew translates the English (“Beloved husband and father, dearly missed”), however, Hebrew speaker will notice that it’s not exactly readable Hebrew. Well it is, however, the… More ▸

  • Israeli baby arrives to his own brit in a remote controlled car (VIDEO)

    This Israeli family may have broken every bad taste record out there. Their (poor) macho-baby arrived to his own circumcision riding a convertible remote-control car, and rode that highway to hell together with drumming and fireworks. Whoever is controlling the car is doing pretty bad job too, which could explain where Israelis get their bad driving habits from, although… More ▸

  • A positive haredi meme?!

    That’s right, some of them may hate the Internet, but a recent Facebook post by the “Being Liberal” group uses a haredi orthodox meme in a positive light, to criticize the lack of “respect in the beliefs of others” other groups have. The photo has been spreading up like wildfire with almost 9500 likes and 3500… More ▸

  • Shimon Peres uses own meme to congratulate Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan over the weekend, a status change that created a lot of buzz, positive and negative. Among the greeters was Israeli President Shimon Peres, who wrote on his Facebook wall: “Dear Mark, when you created the Facebook social network, you gave millions of people the opportunity to… More ▸

  • Bibi-bombing makes worldwide headlines

    In a move that some would say was unpredictable and quite ballsy, Netanyahu decided to make a deal with Hamas and release Gilad Shalit, the abducted soldier who was a captive for over 5 years. When it was time for the Shalit family to reunite, Bibi photobombed the most dramatic father-son hugging moment, creating one of the… More ▸