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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Kosher meat scandal hits L.A.

    An undercover video captured the owner of a Los Angeles kosher meat market bringing unsealed boxes of chicken into his store, leading to the revocation of the store’s kosher certification.

  • Hacker in huge Web attack makes anti-Jewish statements

    A man claiming to represent the hackers behind one of the biggest attacks in Internet history made anti-Jewish statements.

  • Rami Feinstein to tour in United States in April

    Israeli singer Rami Feinstein singing in a the music video for his song “Something Amazing,” about his mall-working experience. (YouTube) Last month, JTA published an article about Israeli kiosk workers at American shopping malls. The article, which noted that the U.S. Embassy in Israel is trying to crack down on the practice, implied that Rami…

  • Falling to peaces

    In the run-up to President Obama’s trip to Israel next week — the least-anticipated Israel trip by an American president that Thomas Friedman can remember (!) — there’s been much hand-wringing (again) over whether we are witnessing the death throes of Israeli-Palestinian peace. This is a perennial exercise, its last iteration appearing as recently as…

  • The Dude turns 15

    To a certain subclass of young American males, today is an anniversary on par with 4/20, 15 years since the debut of the cult classic that gave us such gloriously quotable lines as, “Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you’re goddamn right I’m living in the past!” It’s tempting to…

  • Jon Stewart’s CodePink email is a fake

    When the email first arrived, something immediately felt a little off: Jon Stewart, writing off behalf of the liberal agitators CodePink, was urging the U.S. Senate to release classified memos justifying the use of pilotless drones in taking out terrorists. Stewart had recently done a segment on drones on "The Daily Show," so it didn’t…

  • AIPAC conference in 90 seconds

    Give us 90 seconds, Ron Kampeas gives you everything you need to know about next week’s AIPAC policy conference. 

  • Republicans block Hagel vote

    Senate Republicans blocked a vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense.

  • Koch eulogized by N.Y. elite as friend of Israel, Jewish people

    Ed Koch was remembered as a friend of Israel and the Jewish people by a cast of political luminaries at the former New York City mayor’s funeral.

  • U.S. judge dismisses Long Island eruv lawsuit

    One of three federal lawsuits filed in connection with a proposed eruv enclosure in a suburban New York beach community was dismissed.