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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Finding compromise at the wall (UPDATED)

    It’s fairly easy to justify wallowing in pessimism over the prospect of a reasonable compromise in the simmering dispute over women’s prayer rights at the Western Wall. Both sides often appear in the media like intransigent ideologues who will be satisfied with nothing short of surrender by their opponents. But two essays out today by…

  • At first Newtown funeral, Noah Pozner remembered as loving ‘little man’

    At the funeral for the youngest victim of the Newtown massacre, Noah Pozner, mourners offer remembrances, prayers and a plea not to stay “lost in sorrow.”

  • YU president apologizes following abuse allegations

    The president of Yeshiva University apologized for alleged instances of sexual misconduct and harassment by two former teachers at the university’s high school.

  • Using data, Jewish groups try to turn the art of fundraising into a science

    Jewish organizations increasingly are looking to data-driven analysis to drive decision-making and improve fundraising.

  • Yankees offer Youkilis $12 million

    The New York Yankees reportedly offered Jewish free agent Kevin Youkilis a one-year, $12 million contract.

  • Heifers on Chanukah

    Giving a cow isn’t most people’s idea of a great Chanukah present, but the folks at Heifer International are trying to change that. Not sure this video is gonna do the trick, but who knows? Heifer donates cows to improverished communities around the world out of the belief — shared by at least one notable…

  • Repair the World offering grants to encourage Sandy relief

    The Jewish service group Repair the World is offering micro-grants to encourage students to volunteer for Hurricane Sandy relief.

  • Air-raid siren sounds in Jerusalem

    Air-raid sirens were sounded in Jerusalem on Friday, marking the first time the holy city has been targeted by rocket fire from Gaza.

  • Jewish pot activist Mason Tvert hits new high with marijuana legalization vote in Colorado

    Jewish activist Mason Tvert was behind the effort to sell the unprecedented marijuana legalization law that passed in Colorado.

  • From Boca to Delray, Florida’s much-discussed Jewish voters finally have their say

    In South Florida, Jewish voters talk about social issues and Israel at the conclusion of a bitterly fought presidential campaign.