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  • Terror attacks highlight new challenges on Israel’s border with Egypt

    The breakdown of government authority in the Sinai and a new sensitivity to Israeli retaliation in a post-Mubarak Egypt pose challenges to Israel’s national security.

  • With protests, Israelis are seeking the revival of welfare state

    The protesters in Israel are demanding that today’s thriving free-market Israel use its wealth to restore at least some elements of the long-defunct Israeli welfare state.

  • No quick reconciliation for Turkey-Israel ties, but Turkey rethinking rift

    Between the Arab Spring and Israel’s outreach to Greece, Turkey is clearly rethinking its damaged relationship with Israel. But with Turkey’s prime minister still talking a harsh line, reports of a reconciliation are premature.

  • Pressure mounts on Palestinians to abandon U.N. statehood gambit

    Will U.N. recognition of Palestine isolate Israel, or could it backfire on the Palestinians and leave them worse off than before?

  • Ahead of Palestinian U.N. gambit, Europe is in play

    Over the past two months, Israel’s prime minister has traveled to Berlin, London and Paris in an effort to convince key European leaders not to back Palestinian U.N. membership.

  • Palestinian unity presents Israel with choice: Go for broke or shun at all costs

    The skeptics argue that by mending fences with Hamas, the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority has shown that it’s not genuinely committed to peace with Israel. The optimists say a unified Palestinian leadership presents a rare opportunity to make peace with the entire Palestinian people — in Gaza and the West Bank.

  • Pushed by Goldstone, Israeli army embraces new ‘smart’ warfare

    The Goldstone report and the international fallout it engendered pushed the Israel Defense Forces into a process of self-examination resulting in a new doctrine of “fighting smart” from operational, legal, humanitarian and media points of view.

  • Unrest in Syria presents Israel with potential dangers and opportunities

    With the turmoil rocking the Middle East now threatening the regime in Syria, Israeli faces potentially grave dangers and huge opportunities.

  • With pressure mounting, will Bibi go left or right?

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sitting with Israeli army officers during a visit to the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, said the Israeli army must maintain its presence along the length of the Jordan Valley in any future peace arrangement reached with the Palestinians, March 8, 2011. (Moshe Milner/GPO/Flash90 ) JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel is…

  • Settlers accusing Netanyahu gov’t of imposing silent building freeze

    Although the 10-month moratorium on building in Jewish settlements in the West Bank was lifted last September, settler leaders complain that no construction is being allowed in the large urban areas and warn that a de facto freeze on all Jewish building in the West Bank is looming.