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  • Edward Cohen: Slain labor leader remembered

    Edward Cohen, a rising labor leader in Boston, was shot and killed in a random shooting in 1907. Despite being mourned by thousands, including Louis Brandeis, he was eventually forgotten in the ensuing decades. But now efforts are underway to reclaim his

  • Faked Shoah memoir spurs concerns

    In the wake of the recent disclosure by the author of a Holocaust memoir that her best-selling book is a fake, historians are worried that such incidents will cast doubt on legitimate Holocaust scholarship and memoirs.

  • Armenians push forward with ADL fight

    Nearly two months after the Anti-Defamation League reversed itself by acknowledging the World War I-era massacres of Armenians as “tantamount to genocide,” activists in the Boston area are pushing ahead with their campaign against the organization.

  • Biotech booming in Israel

    Academic research, government support and entrepreneurial zeal have fueled a boom in Israeli biotechnology, but it’s mostly foreign investors cashing in for now.

  • Mediation effort over Boston mosque

    As the Workmen’s Circle tries to mediate a battle over a Boston mosque, some claim the Islamic group at the heart of the case is trying to stifle legitimate debate by suing a pro-Israel organization.

  • Americans to undergo ‘Treatment

    A smash Israeli TV series is being adapted for HBO by some big names in Hollywood who are betting the American version will captivate audiences, too.

  • Bernstein’s roots celebrated

    Sixteen years after his death, Leonard Bernstein can still draw an audience. A recent festival highlighting Bernstein’s Boston roots shed new light on the influence of the family synagogue.

  • Humanist Jews look to grow

    At a time when Jewish organizations are continuing their to attract younger Jews, leaders of humanistic Judaism say the tenets of their approach to Judaism most resembles the secular character of a majority of Jews today.

  • Making day schools No. 1

    Jewish professionals, educators and funders gathered last week in Boston with one goal — making day schools the No. 1 educational choice for Jewish kids.

  • Report asks: Where are the bus drivers?

    The image of a bus driver guiding Jewish families through the complex maze of choices for Jewish learning and social experiences is being floated as part of a new report by the Avi Chai Foundation.