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  • Center Near Hiroshima Educates the Japanese on Holocaust

    About an hour north of Hiroshima, where the world’s first atomic bombing incinerated an entire city in a matter of seconds, a statue of a young girl stands in memory of another holocaust half a world away. Anne Frank might seem out of place in rural Japan, but the man who founded the Holocaust Education… More ▸

  • Japanese Educator Recounts Quest to Unpack Story of ‘hana’s Suitcase’

    Fumiko Ishioka carefully opened a large, cardboard box mailed to her in Tokyo from the Auschwitz museum in Poland. Among the contents were a child’s shoe, a can that once contained Zyklon B poison gas and a worn, brown suitcase with white letters painted on its side that read: “Hanna Brady, born May 16, 1931.”… More ▸

  • Japanese Terrorist Seized in Lebanon

    Lebanese security agents this week detained at least five people suspected of membership in the Japanese Red Army, including one involved in a 1972 attack at Ben-Gurion Airport. Lebanese Foreign Minister Faris Bouez confirmed Tuesday that the five were arrested in raids over the weekend. But he would not comment on the reasons behind the… More ▸

  • Japanese Dance Hora in Kimonos

    Some 1,500 Japanese pilgrims sang and danced their way through Jerusalem’s streets this week as part of their visit to honor commemorations of the capital’s 3,000 year anniversary. Members of the pro-Israel Makuya sect, which was formed in the aftermath of World War II, are Christians who believe in the Hebrew Bible. The pilgrims, some… More ▸

  • Jewish State Welcomes Visit from Japanese Prime Minister

    Japanese Prime Minister Tommichi Murayama visited Israel this week as part of a tour of the Middle East aimed at increasing Tokyo’s role in the regional peace process. Murayama, the first Japanese prime minister to visit the Jewish state, told his Israeli hosts Sunday that his country would open a trade promotion office in Israel…. More ▸

  • Holocaust Education Spreads in Japan with Museum Opening

    Fifty years after atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan is remembering not only Japanese victims of the war, but Jewish victims as well. Two months after the opening of the first Holocaust museum in Japan, an exhibit on Anne Frank will open in Hiroshima next week. Although the Holocaust and the dropping of… More ▸