Pittsburgh federation taps first Lubavitch chairman


The United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh has tapped a Lubavitcher to be its new chairman, reports the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle:


William C. “Billy” Rudolph is making some history.

His recent election to be the next chairman of the United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh makes him the first Lubavitch Jew to hold that position, and, quite possibly, the first to hold it at any North American Jewish federation.

To Rudolph, who sees his new job partly as a community bridge builder, his selection is hardly an insignificant fact.

“I’m very proud of it,” he told The Chronicle. “It shows a real sensitivity at the federation that 10 years ago would not be the case. I think it’s true progress.

“I really see myself as someone who’s always been involved, in the years I’ve been in the community,” he continued. “I’ve been concerned and active in building bridges, and that will definitely be one of my responsibilities in this position. That’s one thing I bring to this table; another thing is I love this community.” …

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