Tweeting @Seinfeld


Whether or not you were a Seinfeld fan, there’s a Twitter feed you may agree is one of the funniest fake accounts yet. Modern Seinfeld (@SeinfeldToday) is filled with 140-character sketches of episodes that might have been written if Seinfeld was still on the air.

Texting etiquette, online dating, reality TV – these hallmarks of contemporary life would have made for amazing Seinfeld fodder, but since they didn’t exist in the 90s, this Twitter feed will have to suffice. One of our favorite @SeinfeldToday tweets/episode plots has Elaine waiting for a Starbucks bathroom for an entire episode. Another has Kramer growing a hipster mustache.

Other avenues that the TV show never got a chance to explore are the effects of new media on Jerry’s career, blogging, and internet fame. Perhaps it’s time for a Seinfeld reunion show? Or, at the very least, a group tweet.

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