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  • Daniel Radcliffe’s circumcision won him new film role

    Daniel Radcliffe, better known for sporting round glasses in the “Harry Potter” franchise, is the star of the new film, “Kill Your Darlings,” which just showed at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. But his on-screen magical acting was not the key factor that helped him land the role of playing the American Jewish Poet Allen Ginsberg, but rather… More ▸

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Israeli TV mistake

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her role as Elaine in “Seinfeld” and as vice president in HBO’s “Veep”, is making Israeli headlines after starring in Israel’s YES satellite television company commercial. In the commercial, Louis-Dreyfus assumes a woman in her elevator is pregnant, and spends the rest of the commercial coming up with solutions of how… More ▸

  • ScarJo bombed her Les Mis audition

    She may have rocked the leather jumpsuit in “The Avengers,” and is sweeping audiences on Broadway in her new show “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, but Scarlett Johansson revealed this week that when she auditioned for Fantine in the 2012 blockbuster “Les Miserables,” she failed miserably. “I sang my little heart out,” ScarJo told… More ▸

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt agrees to take porn out of porno film

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has agreed to cut most of the graphic sex scenes out of “Don Jon’s Addiction,” his film about a porn addict that just premiered at Sundance and will hit theaters this summer. Gordon-Levitt’s film contains a lot of porn scenes, but he has agreed to cut most of them out to have the film… More ▸

  • Is Woody Allen giving Lindsay Lohan career advice?

    The two might seem like an odd pair, but “Mean Girls” actress Lindsay Lohan was spotted chilling with Jewish filmmaker Woody Allen at the American Foundation for AIDS Research New York Gala this past Wednesday, according to the Post. Lohan’s career has notably gone downhill over the past few years, which might have something to do… More ▸

  • Jason Segel was a nobody to Michelle Williams before they met

    He’s cute, funny, and super tall, but when his girlfriend, Michelle Williams, first laid eyes on Jason Segel, she had no idea who he was. “I didn’t actually realize who he was before I started dating him,” Williams told InStyle Magazine. “I mean, I saw the Muppets movie, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cute,’ but the truth… More ▸

  • Judd Apatow might make his “Knocked Up” series a trilogy

    Judd Apatow is preparing for total Hollywood domination. Following his recent film, “This is 40,” which was the sequel to his 2007 comedy “Knocked Up,” Apatow hinted he might plan to make a third film and turn the series into a trilogy. In an interview with Getty, the Jewish filmmaker said the next film would… More ▸

  • Entourage to hit the big screen

    The antics of Ari Gold lives on. Warner Brothers studios has finally okay-ed a movie adaption of the HBO hit show “Entourage,” Deadline confirms. The movie will be directed by original screenwriter Doug Ellin, who was the executive producer of the show alongside Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson. The show is still working out deals with… More ▸

  • Harvey Weinstein fully responsible for Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar snub

    Quentin Tarantino’s been snubbed by the Academy by not being nominated for his work as director of “Djano Unchained,” especially if you compare the spotlight films like Argo and Lincoln received. And the person taking full responsibility for that is none other than Django’s producer, Jewish filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who told Deadline it was his move… More ▸