Hear the Call


A new website, based on the PBS miniseries  “The Calling,” features nearly 50 mini-documentaries of religious and secular leaders, each telling stories about their “calling”–their need to bring about some type of positive change in the world.

Some journeys are harrowing, such as Rachel Durschlag, who heads an organization that combats sexual exploitation, but also talks about how it’s spiritually taxing to be a full-time activist. Shmuly Yanklowitz, a young rabbi, visits people (Jewish and non-Jewish) in a hospital, forcing him outside of his comfort zone, confronting the injured and infirmed. And the former head writer of Saturday Night Live talks about the healing power of humor.

Often, people who devote their lives to helping others seem superhuman and unreal. These mini-documentaries depict these people not as flawless Mother Theresas but as charming, personable and simple people who happen to be making the world a better place. The subjects are all worthwhile protagonists, and the work that they’re doing is, without exception, inspirational.

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